“Energetic” – “Humble” – “Thought provoking”

With a passion for music, Leké stands as a diverse artist with a unique sound and dynamic message.

Drawing from musical influences such as Bell Biv Devoe, Shina Peters and Pharell, Leke infuses catchy lyrics that edify God, heart-warming melodies, sweet guitar licks and energetic dance moves to inspire and entertain.

In 2008 Leké met artistes Tunday & Presha J, Writeway Music was born and the summer of 09’ saw Leké touring all over the globe spreading the message of Christ and sharing the testimonies of their lives in song. During this time Leke picked up the guitar which has become a colossal element of his artistry.

The Journey So Far…

Leké has toured around the globe every year performing in countries such as Germany, St Lucia, Belgium, Nigeria and all over the UK. A regular contributor to the International Teen Street convention, he has also written and performed on Victizzle’s MOBO award winning album ‘In My World’ and received numerous accolades after his own digital release of ‘Rodeo’ in March 2012. Rodeo reached top 40 in the UK R&B Chart bringing Leke over 170k views on YouTube.

Now as a solo artist, Leké has been involved in the Mighty Men 2015 charity tour to raise awareness about the existence of and need for positive male role models within communities. He is also a frequent guest of the Teen Street ministry in Germany.

2016 will see Leké performing and ministering across Europe while completing his second solo project. When asked what keeps him going he responded, “Knowing that I’ve been gifted with music. Not only is it something I enjoy doing but I know that it is a gift worth sharing. I have a part to play in being able to deliver not just great music but also stories that are worth telling. Through that medium God is glorified. It all revolves around Him.”