Rest Without Regret

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Greetings from my secret resting place. Rest with no agenda – that’s the motto. I don’t want a bad experience or an injury to force me to rest anymore. I’m also encouraging you to consider this. I believed that hard work had no ending; no respite; no break. But just as much as we’re inspired to be the hardest workers in the room, we’re called to also find our resting place when it’s time. What’s your resting place? Do you find it and occupy it regularly? Or do you rest and feel guilty  about it? I’ve been guilty of doing this for years in my place of work; overworking myself to the point of exhaustion and resentment. But I’m grateful that I’m writing this from a place of a live experience and not in retrospect. My little brother has been going through a tough time lately. But I believe it’s my responsibility to encourage him to rest rather than telling him to keep super busy and preoccupied, as some sort of coping mechanism. God uses different locations and getaways to spark that healing process. And He is doing that miracle right now. Whether you’re exhausted or not, I truly believe that this day was purposed for a blog post like this. My man Jesus, instructed us to find a solitary place and rest! So rest unapologetically and watch the restoration take you to another level!